...and the new world

With everything going on around us, mass lockdowns, and the population scared to go outside in case of infection, the development of home-working is accelerating. After all this is over (if ever), the world will never be the same again. To we authors, though, this is nothing new. By the very nature of being a writer, we work from home, usually isolating for hours, if not days. Welcome to our world, everybody else.

So, authors, take the opportunity to get that masterpiece started and perhaps even finished. To people who haven't written before, why not start now? If nothing else, keep a diary of everything that happens in lockdown. If the isolation drives you insane, at least the doctors will have something to work to. Otherwise, you all have a great story in your heads. Start tapping the keyboard, or even try out that speech-to-text app you downloaded, thinking it would come in handy one day. If you do, there are plenty of ghost writers who would work for a very reasonable fee, and editors who would jump at the chance to help you out.

And of course, if you need help, feel free to contact the author, or the Inca Project. We will be pleased to give advice and support, and if you really need a major boost, put you in contact with like-minded folks. We can even give you the contacts to get your completed books printed at little or no cost.

Ankerita was the first of those books to test this alternative route, and is published from this site, as well as through lulu.com, and the rest can be obtained directly from the author, signed too if you want.

Note also that all e-books in the Legend of Dan series are available through SmashWords, if you don't want to buy them through this site. Some are also available electronically through Lulu.

RW - July 2020, the year the world stood still, and Time went forwards and backwards simultaneously